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Our First Collection

Did you know?

Xennials (who were born between 1977 to 1983) were the first generation to grow up with household computers and have internet access? ("You've got mail!")

The Inaugural Collection

My biggest style inspirations come from the '90s. I'm really inspired by TLC, Janet Jackson, and designers like Jeremy Scott. I'm hugely inspired by Club Kids from New York back in the '90s. I'm inspired by the drag queen scene. Combat boots and the torn off jeans and a baggy shirt - I love that look. - Kat Graham

This is our first collection of HSC1996. Click on the product you want to browse or purpose. Follow the instructions on how purchase your items. Online carts are provided for those who want to really stock up. We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal. 

Note:  The product images seen in our shop are mockups. The physical products that are shipped and delivered may be slightly different as they appear.

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