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Hamilton Proud

This Ambitious City Collection is a tribute to our proud City of Hamilton, Ontario to where HSC is situated. Click on the product you want to browse or purpose. Follow the instructions on how purchase your items. Online carts are provided for those who want to really stock up. We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal. 

Did you know?

Doc Martens became popular again in the 90's Grunge Community? The inventor, Claus Martens, came up with the idea when he needed a low-impact shoe after a ski accident.

Note:  The product images seen in our shop are mockups. The physical products that are shipped and delivered may be slightly different as they appear.

The Ambitious City Collection

I love cities, I spend most of my life talking about cities. And the design of cities does have an effect on your life. You're lucky if you can see trees out of your window and you have a square nearby, or a bar, a cornershop, a surgery. Then you're living well. - Richard Rogers

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